Agency NYC

We deliver considered branding products that evoke

engaging emotional responses. Innovative thinking and 

attention to detail are the hallmark of our craft.

Small. Vibrant. Passionate.

Daniel Avery

Founder & CEO. Having worked in some of New York's biggest agencies, Daniel's radical vision required a newfound venture.

Joseph Ginsberg

Creative Director and Co-Founder, Joseph's years of experience bring a unique and distinguished look to our varied client projects

Alice Cole

Artistic Director and lover of cats, Alice's keen sense of style informs our overall visual direction. She has worked in agencies across the country.

Guiding Principles.

1. Simplicity Trumps All

Over complicating the problem overcomplicates the solution. A focussed and strategic approach yields the most effective outcomes.

2. Iterate Then Iterate

Never rest on your laurels. Nothing of worth is perfected on first attempt - so we make it our mission to perfect every last detail.

3. Deliver & Awe

We take deadlines seriously. We're ready to deliver your next project on time and on budget, with results that blow you away.

4. For The People

We believe in collaboration and collegiality - relationships are at the core of our work both internally and with clients.

the essence of contemporary NYC.

Amber Liqueur

A sophisticated rebranding for

a classic bar staple.

Ruth & Sons.

A sophisticated rebranding for

a classic bar staple.

The Hunter

A hand-crafted branding solution

for this historic local legend.

“Our click-through rate doubled in a matter of days.We are so happy with the results!”

Jesse Ware, Devotion


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