Connect spreadsheets to any database.

Access the data you need in the tools you love, within minutes.


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“Kloudio gave our users the flexibility to create their own reports!”

—  Szu Hong, Product Manager, Netflix

Connect to any database or ERP.

Use Kloudio to define your ad-hoc reports and upload templates within seconds!

Get data instantly

View your data source, select columns and define parameters for your ad-hoc report. Run this report from Excel or Google Sheets

Easy Uploads

Get rid of manual data entry jobs by defining upload templates using our upload wizard. Optionally, add your custom business logic layer

Schedule processes

Don't want to baby sit a report or an upload job? No problem. Just schedule it at a convenient time and we will take care of it!

Databases and ERPs

Currently we support MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and this list is growing each day.

Use your favorite tools

You can access enterprise data from Excel, Google Sheets, Slack or even Amazon Echo

Data Secure

Assign reports to authorized users using roles and responsibilities and policy management rules

Get the data you need in the tools you love!

Eliminate Data in Silos. No learning curve. No IT Dependence.

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10 reports, Any database

Be your own data engineer.

Kloudio helped my analytics team save 500 hours worth of trouble tickets within 2 months of installation!”

— Jon Hopkins, ADT Security Services

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10 reports, Any database





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Kloudio is the only analytics product that supports both reporting and uploads seamlessly without much IT involvement, all secured by policy management, authorization and authentication.

 Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected the questions we get asked most frequently and given you up to date answers so you 

can understand how to really benefit from Kloudio.

Do I need IT's help in setting up Kloudio?

No. On the Kloudio portal, you can create data source connections, define ad-hoc reports and schedule upload jobs on your own. We will guide you through the setup process so that you can be self sufficient and get the most out of your data analysis experience.

Will this connect to my database inside firewall?

Yes. We have 2 options in case your data is behind a firewall. You can either install our on-premise version or you can continue to use the cloud version inside your firewall if you can whitelist our 2 public IPs

Do you connect to REST APIs?

As of now, we are focused on connecting to structured data sources, namely databases and ERPs. But we will be including the unstructured data sources soon!

How long does it take to install?

The cloud version hardly takes minutes to setup. For the on-premise version, it would take a few hours to set up.

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Using Kloudio, many enterprises have saved thousands of hours in data engineering tasks.

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