AllisoЕn & Vince

We are getting married on August 24, 2016

Nice well done


It’s happening, you guys!

8 years, 6 apartments, 3 cities, 1 business, and a 1 fluffy dog later, it's time to maybe get serious about each other. So, we can't wait to celebrate being each other's favorite person in front of the rest of our favorite people.

Pour that champaigne, baby!

Please join us on August 24th for an evening of BBQ, drinks, donuts, dancing, live music, and general happy times together. See you there!

The Ceremony:  4:00 PM, 

Grace Church, 37 Bear Blvd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

The Party:
 6:00 PM, 

Festive Hall, 43 Richards Blvd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Let’s have the funnest wedding!

The Party

We will be celebrating our wedding at the St. Regis Resort & every guest will enjoy complementary suites or apartments inside the resort. Hoping you can RSVP in time, so we make the arrangements.



From the Oasis Pool, the own natural wonder; to the central pool, with a swim-up bar; to the saltwater private lagoon, full of native fish and stingrays—dive into the many pleasures of paradise.


Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Tina has been our friend since high-school, when she was the quuen of prom and a real wise-cracker.

Tina Hatfield, Maid Of Honor     

Dave has been our friend since college and we love him like a brother that drinks too much.

Mike Hannigan, Groomsman

Sarah brings lots of passion and cool jokes at the table, so she will be there when the we run out of steam.

Sarah Wilkins, Bridesmaid   

Jack has the kind of positive energy that everyone wants to be around him, so don't let him out your sight.

Jack Barfoth, Best Man      

Mayra is always a fun person to be around, and we're convinced she will liven up the atmosphere at the party.

Mayra Collins, Bridesmaid   

Dave has been our friend since college and we love him like brother that drinks too much.

Dave Marlins, Groomsman   

Registry Stores

Here's a few stores we are registered with:

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Are You Attending?




Please confirm your arrival until August 10th, 2016