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Create beautiful websites in no time, with just

clicks & drags as your proffessional tools.

No coding or designer skills required.

You are the Designer

BitBlox is a platform for building cool websites where the

designer is none other than you. It’s that easy!

Webdesign, Reinvented

Adding content using our platform is what we believe to be a

webdesign breakthrough: just press the Plus Button found

between each section and hundreds of design elements,

called Blocks, become available. After adding one, just select

any text, icon or image to customise it right there.

Could it be that easy?

Hosting included

Everything will be hosted on our

dedicated servers, complete with

CDN technology.

What you see

'... is what you get'. Building your

website is done directly in the page,

with no admin interface.

Sky is the limit

With so many blocks to choose

from, you can build endless

versions of your site in no time.

Modern Technologies

Our quest for supreme ease of

use is backed by the most

modern web technologies.

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